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Hypericum robsonii spec. nova sect. Trigynobrathys (Hypericaceae) from the Misiones Province in Argentina

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:H. A. Keller, Crockett S. L.
Start Page:17

Plant collections conducted in connection with ethnobotanical studies carried
out with the Guaraní peoples of Misiones Province, Argentina, resulted in the discovery
of a new species of Hypericum L. (Hypericaceae), which is characterized by
its epigeous herbaceous scions produced seasonally from subterranean stems or
roots. This species, H. robsonii H. A. Keller & S. Crockett, is described and illustrated
for the first time. Information about its ecology, habitat and distribution,
phenology and ethnobotany is provided.

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